Save Skaneateles Lake

Eurasian watermilfoil, an aggressively invasive aquatic plant, threatens to drastically and permanently change the character of the lake. Unchecked, the weed spreads quickly and forms large, dense mats of floating vegetation.


In 2007 supported by the donations of hundreds of local residents, the Skaneateles Lake Milfoil Eradication Project initiated an effort to control the spread of this plant in Skaneateles Lake. That summer we removed 4 acres of milfoil from the lake. Building on this success, nearly 15 acres were removed in 2008, 6 in 2009, 8 in 2010 and 5 in 2011. The effect of these efforts has reduced the biomass of milfoil in the lake to approximately 10% of what it would have been if we had failed to act. In 2012 we entered the maintenance phase of the milfoil control effort. Milfoil control will be an ongoing effort involving 2 boats and a team of divers.


Fortunately, we have developed two effective ways of controlling milfoil. The successful implementation of a benthic matting effort supplemented by a hand-pulling program has enabled us to remove approximately 38 acres of milfoil in the initial eradication phase.

The initial effort to reverse the spread of milfoil was an extremely demanding, labor-intensive and costly effort. Approximately $1,500,000 was required to finance this five-year eradication initiative. Your help is greatly appreciated to preserve Skaneateles as the sparkling jewel of the Finger Lakes. Without sufficient funding, this program would not have succeeded.

Your contribution by joining the Skaneateles Lake Association as an Active Member will help to support this effort. The Skaneateles Lake Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Part of the mission of the organization is to remove invasive species from Skaneateles Lake. Your donation is completely tax-deductible.

  A recent photograph of milfoil on Cayuga Lake that has been allowed to grow unchecked. Click image for full size.  
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